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(Combat Trauma Management)

Po zakończonym szkoleniu kursanci otrzymują dodatkowo certyfikat amerykańskiego NAEMT który jest rozpoznawalny na całym Świecie!

It's an advanced battlefield medicine course. Originally it was created only for operators - special forces medics. Our company gives the opportunity to participate in this course civilian rescuers, paramedics and people with high medical knowledge.

The training program includes dealing with victims in the battlefield in a situation of prolonged medical evacuation.
The course lasts 5 days, 50 hours of classes, including classes conducted in conditions of limited visibility with limited possibility of using visible light (flashlight). CTM training is very demanding, where participants pass written and practical exams daily.

The subject of the course includes lectures and tactical scenarios that took place in the areas of war in Africa, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

The training program includes:

  • M.A.R.C.H. P.A.W.S
  • A quick guide to the TCCC.
  • Initial, rapid and detailed patient assessment.
  •  "Security Halt"
  • Limb and junctional tourniquets.
  • Stopping massive haemorrhage from wound packing.
  • Techniques to stop bleeding from the head and mesentery.
  • Airway management- “Airway ladder",
  • CRIC surgical airway.
  • Assisting Ventilation - BVM.
  • Ventilation - BVM and a respirator.
  • Dekompresja z wykorzystaniem igły.
  • Hypothermia prevention.
  • Head injuries.
  • Hypovolemic shock.
  • Burns
  • IV / IO access.
  • Battlefield pharmacology.
  • Battlefield diagnostics: stethoscope, pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, capnometer, thermometer.
  • Extended evacuation.
  • Fracture fixation: improvised splints, Sam Splints and KTD splints.
  • Monitoring of the injured - 're-assessment loop'.
  • Documentation.
  • "9-line Medevac request / MIST".
  • Przekazanie pacjenta- raport SIT
  • Scenariusze praktyczne.


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