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Started on July 16, 2024

Warsztaty PCC

(Prolonged CASUALTY Care)


Szkolenie jest przeznaczone wyłącznie dla zorganizowanych grup

WHAT: Prolonged Field Care - 72h of continuous training, which aims to prepare and expose participants to medical situations that deviate from the classic time norms planned during the planning process.

WHY: Small elements, special forces operating in remote areas, face a new challenge on the modern battlefield, which is the so-called "TYRANY OF DISTANCE", and the lack of dedicated means of medical evacuation.

The workshop is intended for all those who want to learn good medicine at an advanced level.

Program warsztatów obejmuje sesje teoretyczno – praktyczne w trakcie których uczestnicy będą zmuszeni spędzić z poszkodowanymi urazowymi i medycznymi w środowisku własnej „bezpiecznej lokalizacji” wiele godzin nieustannego działania.

The training program includes

  • Planning special operations for medical coverage.
  • "10 PFC key capabilities".
  • Preparation of "Safe House" for conducting advanced medical assistance,
  • "Sick Call" - medical assistance to medical patients.
  • Initial, rapid and detailed patient assessment.
  • M. A. R. C. H. P. A. W. S
  • R. A. V. I. N. E.
  • H. I. T. M. A. N.
  • Limb and junctional tourniquets.
  • Stopping massive haemorrhage from wound packing.
  • Techniques to stop bleeding from the head and mesentery.
  • Airway management- “Airway ladder",
  • CRIC surgical airway.
  • Respirations
  • Ventilation - BVM and a respirator.
  • „Burping”
  • Hypothermia prevention.
  • Head injuries.
  • Hypovolemic shock, fluid resuscitation for shock and burn patients.
  • Resuscytacja wstrząsu: hipowolemicznego, dystrybucyjnego, obturacyjnego, kardiogennego, zapalenia ogólnoustrojowego.
  • Whole blood transfusion.
  • Catheterization and monitoring of diuresis - COCA.
  • IV / IO access.
  • Battlefield pharmacology.
  • Battlefield diagnostics: stethoscope, pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, capnometer, thermometer, cardiomonitor, E-FAST, labs.
  • Fracture fixation: improvised splints, Sam-Splint splints and KTD splints.
  • Monitoring of the injured - 're-assessment loop'.
  • Documentation (TCCC card, PFC card).
  • Telemedicine.
  • "9-line Medevac request / MIST".
  • Patient referral

and many other issues.

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