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Started on December 2, 2021

FCP (First Care Provider)


" Nie ma PFC bez TCCC " CUF, TFC i działanie w CCP, przemieszczenie do "safe house", wielogodzinna opieka nad rannymi PFC – H.I.T.M.A.N "sick call" i ewakuacja do wyższego szczebla pomocy medycznej.tak oto prezentuje się materiał z naszych ostatnich warsztatów PFC. Było dużo nowej wiedzy, mało snu i ogrom "dobrej medycyny"zapraszamy do wspólnej nauki WIR I SIKOR WIR SOF MED CENTER

Opublikowany przez W.I.R SOF MED Center Środa, 2 maja 2018

Whether you, your school staff, your co-workers, or people in your location. Do you know how to save a human life in a situation of an Active shooter , a bomb attack or another disaster?"
If not, we have a best proposal for you...

The only such training product in Poland straight from the USA based on the to the TECC committee guidelines.

„First Care Provider”– When seconds count, qualified medical help often occurs at a distance a few or several minutes, and the wounded people die waiting for help.
Do you know what to do if a loved one gets hurt?
The problem doesn’t end when you call 1-1-2. Average response time of emergency services is well over 7-15 minutes.
Learn how to save lives and what simple steps you can take to help trauma victims.

The training program includes:
  • History to TECC / TCCC.
  • "Preventable causes of death".
  • Poziomy udzielania pomocy.
  • R.A.C.E- C.A.R.E Protocol
  • Phases of Care Direct Threat, Indirect Threat, EVAC.
  • Limb hemorrhage management.
  • Junctional hemorrhage- "Wound packing" with hemostatic dressings.
  • "Airway ladder”.
  • Respiratory management - pneumothorax, "burping", needle decompression.
  • Circulation, hypovolemic shock.
  • Hypothermia prevention.
  • Head injuries.
  • Documentation.
  • Preparation for evacuation.
  • Działanie w punkcie ewakuacji medycznej.
  • Re-assessment loop.
  • Patient referral
  • Scenariusze praktyczne.
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